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Interview with Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin (16-5) is an American Mixed Martial Artist with well-rounded skills and a strong work ethic. Griffin won the first season of The Ultimate Fighter by defeating Stephan Bonnar via decision in April of 2005. Their fight was voted as number one on a televised list of the UFC’s Top 100 Fights on a series of shows that aired in July of 2009. Forrest struggled in 2006 with a split decision loss to Tito Ortiz at UFC 59 and a 1st round TKO to Keith Jardine in December of ’06. Griffin bounced back in 2007 with a win over Hector Ramirez and an upset 3rd round submission of Mauricia Rua at UFC 76. Forrest Griffin then defeated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 86 in a 5 round decision to become the new UFC light-heavyweight champion. Forrest was matched against Rashad Evans at UFC 92 and lost the title via 3rd round TKO. Forrest Griffin has been matched up to fight Anderson Silva at 205 lbs. at UFC 101 on August 8, 2009. In this interview we talk to Forrest about his favourite TV shows, politics and the ridiculous task of fighting Anderson Silva.

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Ringside Report Radio Show Three One Hour Rounds of Non-Stop Fight Talk here is the August 1st, 2009 show. Round Two

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Ringside Report Radio Show Three One Hour Rounds of Non-Stop Fight Talk here is the August 1st, 2009 show. Round Three Part One

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Matt "The Terror" Serra Interview

Matt “The Terror” Serra (9-6) is an American Mixed Martial Artist and is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Renzo Gracie. Matt Serra won The Ultimate Fighter Season 4 and earned a title shot against welterweight champion Georges-St Pierre. Serra won the fight with a 1st round TKO of GSP at UFC 69. Serra then lost the rematch via 2nd Round TKO at UFC 83. Serra has had a public feud with Matt Hughes ever since the two were opposite coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Season 6. At UFC 98, Serra lost the highly anticipated fight against Hughes via decision after three rounds. Matt talks to us about the fight with Matt Hughes, his time in Montreal and the fight against GSP. Serra also talks about his upcoming seminar in Montreal, a rematch with Matt Hughes and his future in the UFC.

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Interview with WEC's Phil Cardella

Phil started Martial Arts at age 12 in South Houston where having a humble good nature and the warrior spirit was first and foremost. He first achieved rank in Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido under Master Chad Glisson.

Master Chad Glisson also exposed Phil and his brothers to Shodo Kan Karate, Akido, Ryku Kenpo, Dillman theory pressure points, Small circle Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Thai boxing, Jeet Kun Do, Kali, Judo, and whatever else he could. Chad Glisson was the first to tell The Cardella brothers about the Gracie Family and their system of fighting.

Phil started offically training Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu at the Aiea assocation of Relson's Ran by Sam Mahi, Chris & Mike Onzuka and their assistant instructors. He started competing while in the Marine Corps and met Master Relson Gracie and has been a Champion on Master Relson's competition team since 1997.

He has been lucky enough to train with some of the best fighters in the World & at some of the best schools on the planet. He is a full time fighter & Martial Artist. The best way to judge his skill is to look at the achievements of his students in tournaments, they are beating Black Belt Champions in competion and winning the highest level of competition in the world. They are also in great shape and able to easily defend themselves. His Bio shows his current record. He is still an active competitor in order to strive to find and battle test the most effective, current & usable techniques
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