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Ringside Report focuses primarily on Mixed Martial Arts with a strong emphasis on the top promoter the UFC. MMA is a sport that has been growing at a phenomenal pace for the past several years. It's reach is growing with more and more regional promotions starting up all over the US. Wrestling Uncensored is a conversation about Pro Wrestling between Dave Simon and Professional Wrestler, Johnny North available once per week. They discuss and debate the latest storylines in the WWE and other companies and are not afraid to provide their own brand of honest criticism from the perspective of a true fan. Both guys have been watching Pro Wrestling since they were kids and bring that child-like emotion into their back and forth that has people "tweeting" about the shows for days after they are broadcast. Host Dave Simon's enthusiasm for Combat Sports is engaging his audiences. We're finding fans of one sport listening to the other show just because of the way Dave entertains. Listeners to both shows are mostly in a male 18-49 year old demographic. We have people either listening live to the Internet stream or downloading the podcast from across Canada and the USA as well as Europe and Asia.
Ringside Report Wrestling. July 8, 2010

This is the first edition of the Ringside Report Wrestling uncensored podcast hosted by Dave Simon and indy-wrestling sensation Jeremy Prophet. Dave and Jeremy talk pro wrestling for over an hour and give a preview for TNA Victory Road. They talked about TNA's troubles competing with the WWE despite having the superior talent on their roster.  

Jeremy Prophet offers his unique perspective and tells some great stories about a gimmick that Matt Morgan turned down, why Randy Savage is no longer wrestling and Ric Flair's trouble with the IRS.

This is a can't miss episode for hardcore wrestling fans. Stay tuned to RingsideReport(DOT)NET for more Ringside Report Wrestling uncensored!!

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